Radiator coolant for all kinds of automotive cooling system; protects cooling system from freezing: available in different anti-freeze levels: -22, -40. Ready to use. They guarantee a high degree of corrosion protection for all engine cooling systems metals. They are miscible with other coolants contained in radiator. They help prevent rust and deposits or incrustations. High performance protection on the rubber parts. Suitable for all cars and trucks. Optimum year-round protection against winter freeze-up and summer boil-over.

Packaging Carton Box

Art Pack ml Pcs
182 bottle 1000 12 F. T. -22
172 bottle 1000 12 F. T. -40
Art Pack kg Pcs
183 tank 5 4 F. T. -22
171 tank 25 1 F. T. -40
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