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Innovation means addressing old problems, formulating new products or improving existing ones. Spending in such heterogeneous areas always has a problem to measure using their own experience, knowledge in chemistry of colloids, nanotechnologies, and recently the study of enzymes applications. Innovation, in some cases, means changing the paradigm with which you are accustomed to seeing a problem.

Pollutant levels and low emissions

Environment and security

In our days to succeed for those who use chemicals does not just mean to observe all the industry directives. The introduction of Reach and CLP and all of its inherent standards has certainly brought benefits for responsible behavior towards the environment and security. We have tried to use less and less dangerous substances with the conviction of having to consider the environment and society.

On the production site we do not have water emissions. We have tried to reduce the use of volatile substances so that they have very low levels of pollutants in the working environment and reduced emissions. We have already adopted, where possible, surface-active agents of plant origin.

This will be the way forward, and in fact, surfactant manufacturers are trying to get new molecules without using plants that also serve for human nutrition

Our flexibility

The flexibility of our production line, our technical and scientific knowledge together with the experi- mentation in our laboratories permit us to produce efficient products capable of satisfying even the most difficult request and for this reason we are proud to pursue the goals that we have reached.

Our story

In 1971, thanks to their knowledge and resourcefulness, Silvano Invernizzi and Dina Tozzi decided to open the first branch of Synt Chemical not far from Bologna taking on and challenging a new market with courage and determination.

Since then the company has grown and matured, just like our family, that has become an integral and fundamental part of all the activities connected to the production process.

Synt Chemical creates and produces a large range of chemical products: the main challenge has always been to renew and keep up with the fundamental changes that have transformed our market, improve our technological standards and preserver with passion to reach excellence in all areas. We have always been sensitive to environmental problems and it is for this reason that we are dedicated to study and research new formulas to create products that are easy to use and respect the environment.

Synt Chemical

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