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A company is evaluated not only for its products and technology but also and above all for the people who believed in this dream, who were able to fulfill it and who pursue it day after day with passion and professionalism.

Synt Chemical has a great added value; that of being a company that moves with the times, an excellent commercial partner and a family for all those who initiate a work relationship with it. A confirmation of this can be found in the following testimony.


My cooperation with Synt Chemical Company dates back to 1980, when I started the business with Dr. Silvano Invernizzi, the founder of the company.  Since then, I exclusively represent the Synt Chemical Products in the Greek Market.
The big range of the products as well as their exceptional quality and excellent service have established a long term cooperation with Synt Chemical company.
But it’s not only about the products and service; after all these years I am particularly pleased to consider the people in Synt Chemical not only my business partners but also my friends, my family.
 I look forward to continue developing together with them the brand and products in the Greek market.


Ma-Ja Grafika 22 d.o.o

It is simply not possible to describe Syntchemical Company with just one word.
Our Company Ma-Ja Grafika 22 d.o.o. started to cooperate with Syntchemical in far 1990`s. From the very beginning, our cooperation was based on good business relationships, which soon grew into a friendly family relationship.
Our company is an exclusive seller and distributor of Syntchemical products for the Slovenianmarket. We have offered a line of car care products for cars, trucks, buses and tractors for internal and external cleaning. Among the most recognizable products on our market became cockpit>spray  Maxibrill.
We distribute the products in all major merchant chains, specialized automotive equipment stores, smaller shops and gas stations across Slovenija.

In all these years, Syntchemical approach is professional and they fulfil the demands of our customers and subscribers. They offer comprehensive solutions with a view to a good product, are dedicated to their work, conscientious, accurate and adaptable. They follow the new technologies and guidelines dictated by the market. Consumers these days are very demanding and critical, but in Syntchemical are able to listen to our and strict requirements of the market. They are also always ready to help and solve possible problems.

We thank you.

Surely we can say that we are together PREPARED FOR A NEW DECADES.

Archimede R&D Srl

From a consultancy relationship to a company partnership.

Our company, Archimede R&D Srl, deals with innovation in the chemical and environmental area. In addition to the development and commercialization of our Dr. Neu branded detergent and limescale remover products, we also offer companies regulatory assistance.

It is in this way that a business relationship began in 2011 between Archimede R&D Srl and Synt Chemical, going from a consultancy relationship to a company partnership.

The idea was that of sharing our innovation with experience industrial partners and Synt Chemical offered us this possibility. The sharing of the wealth of knowledge and of the profound experience of Synt Chemical has allowed us to place new and innovative products on the market.


The limescale removal spheres for coffee machines are the first example of success of our relationship.

An absolutely new product on the market able to transform the lime present in water through a natural process which harnesses the action of a special biocatalyst found on the spheres.

The concept of the product, sprung from a specific request of a customer, was developed together with Synt Chemical ending up with the development of the entire production process, from the research for the materials to the creation of the specific spheres.

Today, after 6 years, we can still count on the reliability and the competence of Synt Chemical, who remains our reference partner for the development and production of our products.

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